Spring 2017
Melloblocco is the biggest international bouldering meeting of the world and it take place every years in Valmasino, Italy. A lot of climbers come from any angle of Italy, but also from other countries, to take part in this event. As well as true fanatics there are also professional climber who are invited for the contest. This year I went with some friends and here's what I found out!
Valmasino is a real paradise for climbers, with big walls...
and of course awesome boulders!
During the meeting it's full of climbers who come and go in all direction with their crash pad on back. You can go up or down into the valley, however you go for climb some block.
All boulders boast and most of them in unauthorised areas, Valmasino become a giant Camp 4.
Rock Climbing is a sport for rude people with rough hands... not for pussies, and Melloblocco too.
This year in Valmasino came almost 2.500 pairs of hands to scratch the rock. During the melloblocco's weekend I spent time taking portrait to climbers and friends.
I think that is what I found out
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