Spark R&D Team Trip: 2023
Happy days out photographing and riding with the splitboarding biding athletes, ambassadors and family from Spark R&D. So grateful and proud to have been part of this trip as photographer. Even if I was on skis everyone was kind with me, probably you know, "a skier friend could save your ass". At the end I think there is more snowboarding stuff deep in my blood than expect. 
Full story with Spark's marketing manager Dan Ventura's nice words here.
Spark family and friends playing their favorite game in the soft light.
Left to right: Ettore Personnettaz, Max Zipser, Gerwin Andreas, Luke Dale, Dan Ventura, Markus Moser, Will Ritter, Melissa Brandner.
Max checking some unknown (to us) mountains.
Wild valley, deep uphill track.
Markus looks small, actually he isn't.
It looks steeper than how actually was.
Wild valley, empty mind.
Dan and Markus dreaming about something too far.
My Spark's favorite bindings, look at that just so sexy!
Group A at the top of their line.
Some nature's art.
Group B on their way to the top.
Happiness at the top, thanks Markus! He's the most friendly guide out there.
 Amazing view and some focus before drop-in.
Max studying the best option line.
Max, ridge walker.
Luke sliding incredibly smooth.
Ettore cruising in the soft light.
Gerwin finesse turning.
Ettore spray real snow, finally powder.
Max aggressive on his heel.
Could be Markus happier
Stanzi, our host, that day he joined us. He really know how to use his playground!
Luke FaceTiming his mama, he should said something like "I'm busy, creamy snow, no time to talk, love you".
Melissa, no jokes!
Dan enjoying until the end.
Oh please that light!
Oh please that light! 2.
I was wrong, sometimes Melissa jokes.
It's always fabulous look at your own tracks!
Max is trying to convince Will on something too technical for me.
So much style!
Dan shred on his phone something, good beers and time.
Dan skin up in an amazing Austrian woods.
Melissa, I love her backpack color.
An indigenous Austrian tree.
Rarely light came out creating amazing views.
Selfies are goods for memory.
Thanks Max, see ya!
Ettore's skis. :)
Luke looking for things, I don't know what.
I don't know why but I love this one.
Melissa down there.
Oh no! Should I reach them again?
Best views are from the top people say.
Will's arm came out from his spray.
Will in completely flat light.
Seriously? Up again?
Nothing better to recharge. A bit of hot water and beer.
Something look magic in our apartment road.
Uphill in Austrian, it looks more terrible.
Melissa and Luke in lazy approach and me too.
Okok cliché, but is so fun! Luke with lichen mustaches.
New friend on the way up. Made by Markus.
Dan had the some idea than Luke, just 5 minutes later.
At this point Ettore got jealous. So let me introduce Capitan Personettaz. 
Hey Melissa!
Perfect colors match.
Lazy uphill for almost everyone.
Will wasn't lazy. He's waiting for us a lot and now he need to warm up.
Markus is a Spark addicted.
Dan hearing something strange.
Too many group photos?
Dan leads in the snow storm.
Ciao Luke!
Dan in pirate style.
Honestly I don't know how I found where Luke would like to jump. Lucky shot.
A crash a day keep the doctor away or not Ettore?
Melissa playing minigolf.
Crazy AF work in the snow storm for Luke.
Dark atmosphere.
Chilling time for Luke.
Guys!!! Can you spot me?
Will looking for speed.
Chef Ettore, puttanesca spaghetti. Buon appetito!
Time to leave this beautiful place. :(
Cheers Markus!
No Amplid boards were harmed!
Spark R&D family, left to right: Dan Ventura (marketing manager), Will Ritter (owner/design director), Luke Dale (sales manager/stylish snowboarder)
I swear this is the last team photo. In the background our apartment, Tauernstöckl.
Thank you Spark, see ya!!!
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